The Great Dane Puppy Handbook: A Complete Guide to the First Year

In an age of instant communication and connected everything, finding good information about caring for Great Danes can be surprisingly difficult!

As one of the world’s most recognizable dogs, this giant breed has unique characteristics that require special attention. This is especially true for their puppy years, a time that many new owners find stressful.

For the first time ever, this information has been distilled down into a single simple and easy-to-use guide. It focuses on the exact information that every Great Dane owner should know.

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10 reviews for The Great Dane Puppy Handbook: A Complete Guide to the First Year

  1. DSTMO

    Love everything about this book. Helped with understanding why our dane puppy does what she does! Lol

  2. J. Hollon

    This book shares a lot of great information for a first time great dane owner.

  3. K. C. Wyatt

    This book put me at ease before picking up our new Dane puppy. It’s a very easy to read and follow book that covers important puppy information.

  4. Gary LaFleur

    False TitleThis book may be helpful if you’ve never had a dog, but if u have had dogs, it will feel pretty simple and like common sense. My real disappointment is that I was looking for more helpful information about what to feed very young puppies and that information was absent. It’s a fast read, with very general advice.

  5. Daniel Oreta

    Very informative and helpful to a new parent

  6. Hannah

    I found Zach on YouTube and once I had watched all his videos I ordered his book 😂 I am getting my pup in a few weeks so I’m trying to be as prepared as possible!! This book is a great starting point!! Definitely recommend!

  7. Emma Douglas

    This was good I guess but if you’re like me and had already read all the articles on his website/watched his YouTube channel then it’s kinda redundant…

  8. AG

    Fantastic user guide to how to properly love and care for your new Dane puppy! A lot of great tips for classic issues all dogs have as well.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I’m thinking the reviews were family members because this guide was as generic as you get and info I could have found online. No mention about the risks of bloat or anything! Very dissatisfied!

  10. M. Ladd

    Information is incredibly basic. I was shocked when it arrived because it looked like a booklet you would receive at the vet. Complete waste of money

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