The Complete Guide to the Great Dane

A revolutionary new look into everything “Great Dane”; a MUST-READ that includes practical tips, tricks, and insights to help a new (or seasoned) Great Dane owner.

Using interviews with 15 top Great Dane breeders, author and experienced Great Dane owner Malcolm Lee has created an in-depth look at what it REALLY takes to successfully live with, raise, and train a Great Dane.

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10 reviews for The Complete Guide to the Great Dane

  1. teach75

    This is a well written book and would be helpful for a first time owner of a great dane. I was hoping it had more specifics in the training area. Those who have owned great danes probably would not find it very helpful.

  2. SDK

    Bought as a gift

  3. Conroeiceandgin

    While there were one or two helpful tips, this book is FULL of typos. Additionally, it is very repetitive, sometimes saying the exact same thing two sentences in a row.

  4. Jerry Hereid

    This is a well written and illustrated book would recommend to any dog owner of Great Danes

  5. Robert Kibutiri

    Very informative book for first time owners of GD. Would recommend for any first time or current owners

  6. janet watts

    Excellent info

  7. Kristi H

    Love this book- Very resourceful and perfect for any Great Dane owners. Thank you!!

  8. Kathrine C.

    Good dog food

  9. Amazon Customer

    Fun and informative

  10. dawn gordon

    Alot of good info!

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