The Complete Guide to The Great Dane

Discover all you need to know about Great Danes and eliminate ALL doubts and questions you may have.

Preparing you for ALL aspects of ownership in a detailed manner.

This handbook is the solution to strengthening the bond between you and your Great Dane by using practical advice and valuable tips that are proven to work directly from hundreds of owners.

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10 reviews for The Complete Guide to The Great Dane

  1. Bean

    ‘The Complete Guide to The Great Dane’ is an enjoyable read! My friend’s Great Dane had hip issues, so it was very interesting learning that it is common in this breed. Emil Byrel talks about how challenging it is to travel with this breed; good information for the impulse buyers to know!Adorable pictures throughout to go along with the great info. Five stars! I highly recommend for anyone interested in adopting a Great Dane.

  2. Mike R.

    This book is great! Filled with fun facts and great pics of this wonderful breed. A must read for anyone interested in owning this breed and for those who own one that can relate to all the wonderful quirks.

  3. Kim Grisham

    Emil is spot on with this great dane pup-parent must have book… The perfect book for training and understanding your great dane puppy… Great Danes are a one of a kind breed and we need all of the help we can get and Emil’s book is all of that help… I highly recommend you buy this book because it’s worth every penny…

  4. Alexis

    This book is so thoughtful and put together really well! The author really did a great job to touch on everything you need to know to own a Great Dane! I’ve had my girl for almost 3 years now and I still found things to learn and try training wise in this book!

  5. Dr. Michael

    This book conveys a lot of important information for the owner of a new Dane.Aside from the typographical errors, I strongly feel that this book is missing some of the most important topics the owner of a new Dane (or any other dog) truly requires. It is missing all the information for those of us (like ME) who rescue, foster, or adopt a Dane (or any dog). The author does not even consider these points, and I feel that this is a great disservice not only to the new owners but also to the Dane and rescue groups.It is my sincere hope that the author comes out with an updated volume and adds this crucial information to future editions.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great book and the pictures are perfect. I actually bought 2. This will be very helpful not only for first time owners, but those who decide to be multi Dane owners. Just like children no 2 are exactly alike.

  7. Ashley Burgan

    I loved all the great information on the breed! The pictures make me want to have more! So cute, a must for your new pet. Once you have a Great Dane, there really is no going back!

  8. Kirk Teachout

    This is a super helpful guide for anyone with a Great Dane! As a dog owner myself, there were things that the author pointed out that I didn’t know!

  9. Amazon Customer

    Loved this easy to read and follow along. Wonderful knowledge for all who want or have these gentle giants. And specially love that the author used pictures from actual owners. 🙂

  10. Liz C.

    A wonderful, comprehensive guide for new and seasoned great dane owners. Loved seeing all of the great pictures of danes sprinkled throughout the book.

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