Dogue De Bordeaux (Dog Breed Expert Series)

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8 reviews for Dogue De Bordeaux (Dog Breed Expert Series)

  1. ”Who’s a good Dogue!”

    Probably the most comprehensive Dogue book I’ve read.
    128 pages of nothing but Dogue De Bordeaux! And that’s how it should be. I reviewed another Dogue book (published by the PetLove series), and only half the book was related to the Dogue – the other half was just the exact same generic information regarding health, feeding a dog, diseases and first aid that is published in ALL the other PetLove dog books.But this book, ”Dogue De Bordeaux: Manual and Reference Guide” by ‘aboutpets’, is THE best Dogue book I’ve read to date. Every page was a joy to read and look at, with high quality colour photos on every page, showing the Dogue in every way possible. Everything is covered here( as one would expect with a breed specific book). The usual rearing a puppy, selecting a Dogue to start with, Training, Health issues etc. But this book goes in to more detail about each topic, which is more than can be said for a few other ‘Dogue books’ I’ve read.As it states on the back cover, this book includes info on the new scientific insights regarding nutrition for the Dogue.I’ve included some photos of what to expect inside the book – lovely photos accompanied by great information. Or should that be the other way round? Great info, accompanied by lovely photos? Either way, this is THE book that I would recommend to anyone wanting a Dogue De Bordeaux. Even if you already own one and have a few book on the breed, if you don’t have ‘this’ book, then I would say loudly: YOU STILL NEED IT – if only just for the photos!

  2. mr davies

    Four Stars
    Not a bad book, has some very useful tips. Although some are a bit ruthless for my liking

  3. Garry B

    Good book
    Good book full of information

  4. Jane Dale

    Lovely informative book to any owners of these fantastic character dogs.
    Beautiful photographs in this book to make you smile 🙂 Some information covers all dogs with dietary no-nos and some areas are specific to breed. This dog is the most slobbering, clumsy and gassiest dog I have ever known and had the pleasure of loving. He would take a bullet for you ( like on Turner and Hooch) if need be, such is his adoration and body guard capabilities and has the best facial expressions ever. It was great to read about the history of the breed and training tips seem sensible, so looking forward to trying them out. I can’t put this book down 🙂

  5. The Animals Have Taken Over!!

    Dogue de Bordeaux – Dog Breeds book
    Ordered the Dogue de Bordeaux dog breeds book and read it cover to cover in record time – it was a fantastic read with so much information and expertise – has confirmed that this is the dog for me!!! Well done – great!

  6. Sharon Guernsey

    Great guide for the beginner or first time having this breed
    Brilliant book, very informative, lovely illustrations and a good quality hard back. We’ve recently welcomed a 2yr old dogue de Bordeaux in to our family, I’ve found this book helpful, as we’ve had large breeds of dogs before, but not this breed

  7. lynn Gilchrist

    good product
    Good book full of good info for my new puppy, would recomend this book bought before deciding on getting one now very glad i did

  8. pauline

    I bought this for my son who is “dog mad ” and he found this of great interest about other breeds

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