The Complete Guide to Rottweilers: Training, Health Care, Feeding, Socializing, and Caring for your Puppy

If you are adding a Rottweiler to your family, make sure to be well informed beforehand on their history, typical behavior, temperament, the ideal environment, and those restrictions/regulations you may face as an owner. This book covrs all the Rottie-specific topics you NEED TO KNOW, such as:

  • The unique characteristics and quirks of the Rottweiler breed
  • Early training (including housebreaking) strategies for Rottweilers
  • Choosing the proper supplies and food for a Rottie puppy
  • Helpful strategies for socializing a Rottweiler with other dogs
  • Health care advice for each stage of your Rottweilers life
  • Grooming tips that a Rottie owner needs to know!

If you are considering bringing a Rottweiler into your home (or already have!) then you need to read this book as soon as possible!

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10 reviews for The Complete Guide to Rottweilers: Training, Health Care, Feeding, Socializing, and Caring for your Puppy

  1. Cynthia S Patterson

    This book is good for new Rottweiler owners. It provides a good base of knowledge about the breed. A great place to start!

  2. Grady Maxwell Jr

    This book had some good information for the first time dog owner. It is pretty basic for someone that has owned a dog before. I was looking for a more in depth look at the breed itself. There are some great informational websites you can find that will provide more information. Overall – it’s not bad.

  3. Karina

    Fun book

  4. I read in another review someone said the author did t actually have a Rottie and was skeptical. But this book is a gem and the most helpful I’ve read! I don’t give a darn if her or one of the co-authors May or may not have a rottie all I know is the information was helpful and worked and I am forever grateful. Hands down the best rounded resource I’ve found. Thank you.

  5. Dave

    I have been attacked twice by Rottweilers. But the one I owned over 25 years ago was a great pet. I bought the book since I was starting off with a pup. I found the information helpful and reliable from my experiences with Rottweilers. Buy the book first and it will help you give your Rottweiler a good home. They are beautiful pets when the owner understands them. This book will help you.

  6. Kristen Depuy

    New Rottweiler pup. Worked with other breeds, wanted spastic information

  7. Joseph Coutcher

    This book covers all the ground work for owning a Rottweiler or Rottweiler puppy. Highly recommend for first time dog owners.

  8. AP

    I enjoy reading about the history and the brain patterns of the breed. Some great information on training and socializing the breed. I wish everyone would learn about and understand the breed. They really are loving and caring.

  9. Adam Carson

    Well written and easy to read guide, The author Vanessa Richie clearly knows he stuff when it come to Rottweilers.

  10. Michelle King

    Nothing wart shattering. Things you probably have already read online

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