The Beauty of The Beast

While all dogs are wonderful there is something about big dogs, whether pure bred or mongrel, that is simply magnificent.

Welcome to Big Doggos!

While every dog deserves a loving forever home, big dogs require a special committment. Healthcare and boarding of the bigger breeds is more expensive, and you can’t just leave your Great Dane at your relative’s house for  a few days if you decide to go away.

Big dogs are more challenging in other ways too. A badly trained small dog can be a nuisance, but an out of control big dog is a danger to himself and every one around him.

But no matter the extra expense and time you must invest in your large or giant breed dog, you will be repaid in spades with the love and loyalty of an outstanding and unforgettable companion.

Girl with a great dane






Preparing Your Home for a Large Breed Puppy

Preparing Your Home for a Large Breed Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is always an exciting time, regardless of whether you've chosen a rescue from the shelter or a pure bred poodle pup.  However, when the newcomer is a large or giant breed puppy there are some extra considerations to bear in mind for your home...

Is the Rottweiler the Dog Breed for You?

Is the Rottweiler the Dog Breed for You?

At times in its history the Rottweiler dog breed has had an undeserved bad rap but there is no doubt that with the right training, socialization, diet, exercise, Rotties make fine family companions, gentle, calm, loyal and protective..

Common Health Problems in Big Dogs

Common Health Problems in Big Dogs

Do you have a big doggo? One sad fact about our large four-legged friends is that the larger they are, the shorter lifespan they tend to have. There’s not much we can do about that except love the bejesus out of them while they are with us and make their lives as happy and healthy as possible.